Sunday, February 15, 2009

What To Wear: Harry Potter

Okay, this may sound a little "nerdy", but c'mon! This Harry Potter look (Though it's hard to believe...) is a DO! Unleash your inner role-player & try this on for size!
Model: Speedy Comet
Color Scheme: Red & Black
The Look: First: Spikey Hair (Can be found anywhere.) Second: Nerd Glasses (Can be found anywhere.) Third: Sad Fangs (Can be found anywhere. PS: Happy Fangs are harder to find.) Fourth: Tux Top (Can be found anywhere.) Fifth: Black Pants (Can be found anywhere.) Sixth: Belt (Can be found anywhere.) Seventh: Wand (Can be found in WOWP Advertisment. ACT FAST! IT'LL BE GONE SOON!) Eighth: Red Cape (Can be found on Super Power Island, in the Masks & Capes Shop.) & Have fun role-playing as H.P. !

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