Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dream Outfit No. 1: Sky Chic (:

Ah, yes. This is my own personal Dream Outfit that I WISH I had *sighh* Am I rebel, or what? Here: I'm chewing some bubble gum! (You can get some from Big Nate Island, but you might find yourself in detention for gum chewing >:]) 
Model: Cuddly Bee. 
What I Designed: Earrings, leggings, shirt, cap, & hair. 
Imitate this Outfit: First: Bangs (Can be found anywhere.) Second: Sky Blue Music Note Shirt (Can be found anywhere.) Third: White Vest (Can be found anywhere.) Fourth: Dark Blue Paperboy Cap (Can be found in Time Tangled Island, in Thomas Edison's Time Period.) Fifth: White Skirt w/ Black Leggings (Can be found anywhere.) Last But Not Least: BUBBLE GUM! (Can be found in Big Nate Island, in the Klassic Komix) Postscript: Sorry, there's no way to get the earrings unless you want a Jailbird Purple Pair (Copy Copycat in Super Power Island) or an Elegant White Pair (Copy the customer at B.A.D. Bistro.) & There you have it ! TA - DA! (: 

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  1. Actually, I found a way to make a surprisingly accurate Sky Chic costume. Get the bun from the reporter in Reality TV, the earrings and bangs from the woman in aqua in Mythology, the shirt and skirt from the redheaded girl in line on Night Watch, the cap anywhere, the free Classic popgum and the white vest from anywhere.