Saturday, February 21, 2009

History Fashion Lesson: 1700's

Ah, the 1700's, the time where Mozart, classical music, and petticoats were all the rage. Today's lesson will teach you all about what to wear - way back when! 
Men: The males of 1700 would wear long petticoats, the vest would open up more, to show ruffles, laces & jewels. They would dress elaborate & elegant. Their shoes would be black loafers w/ a belt buckle. Men would also sport those powdered wigs you see on all of the ol' composers ;D
Women: The femmies wouldn't want to be out shined by men, so they wore BIG! Literally, big dresses, big hair, BIG! They would wear "pannier gowns", those dresses that touched the floor and poofed up real BIG! Sound uncomfortable? Wait until you hear about how they wore "corsets". Corsets went under their dresses to make them arch the back. Back them style mattered much more than being "comfortable" The hairstyles were uncomfortable as well. These 1700 damsels would wear feathers, pearls, sequins, and more on their hair! Like many girls in this century, they wore plenty of makeup, perfume, jewelry & high heels. 
In Poptropica: The ONLY way you could find 1700's clothing in Poptropica is, well, if you time travel there! Go to Time Tangled and travel to 1776, and while your there, learn a little about the Declaration!
B Y E E E : D

What To Wear: Fab Grad

This ensemble uses the dress in the HSM 3 Graduation outfit, I've decided not to do a "Style Verdict" for the Grad. Outfit (Sorry!) I really like this one ^-^
Model: Cuddly Bee
Color Scheme: Red & Black
The Look: First: HSM 3 Graduation Dress (Can be found in the East High Building, ACT FAST! IT'LL BE GONE SOON!) Second: Black Vest (Can be found anywhere.) Third: Black Pants (Can be found anywhere.)
It's a simple outfit, but hey, there is beauty in simplicity.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dream Outfit No. 3: Strictly Business :|

Just an outfit that I came up with a while back (: I just love Paperboy Caps ^-^ Lala.  The heart on the side was completely random. The tie is misshapen but whateverr. Okae, so here's the infoo :]
Model: Cuddly Bee
Color Scheme: Maroon & Black & Gray & Yeahh ^-^
What I Designed: Everything (:
Imitate The Outfit: First: The Paperboy Cap (Can be found in Time Tangled Island, in Thomas Edison's time.) Second: White Shirt & Tie (Can be found anywhere. THere are many variations of the tie, so find one you like.) Third: Black Pants (Can be found anywhere.) Doo - doo - done!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What To Wear: Harry Potter

Okay, this may sound a little "nerdy", but c'mon! This Harry Potter look (Though it's hard to believe...) is a DO! Unleash your inner role-player & try this on for size!
Model: Speedy Comet
Color Scheme: Red & Black
The Look: First: Spikey Hair (Can be found anywhere.) Second: Nerd Glasses (Can be found anywhere.) Third: Sad Fangs (Can be found anywhere. PS: Happy Fangs are harder to find.) Fourth: Tux Top (Can be found anywhere.) Fifth: Black Pants (Can be found anywhere.) Sixth: Belt (Can be found anywhere.) Seventh: Wand (Can be found in WOWP Advertisment. ACT FAST! IT'LL BE GONE SOON!) Eighth: Red Cape (Can be found on Super Power Island, in the Masks & Capes Shop.) & Have fun role-playing as H.P. !

Saturday, February 14, 2009

What NOT To Wear: Pink Shark Vomit-Hair!

Hey y'all! I had one of my models, Calm Moon, dress casually & take a picture of the most un-fashionable person she could find! Of course, this persons identity is kept a secret so they won't be embarrassed (Hey, everyone has an un-fashionable day sometimes.) Now, we'll start off with a message from Calm Moon: "Hey guys! Calm Moon here! When I got the assignment to dress casual and photograph the worst dressed, I was stoked! The first place I went was off to Shark Tooth Island, which is where I got my camera from a nice lady at the Tourism Center! Now back to Cuddly Bee with "What NOT To Wear"!" Hey! Thanks Calm Moon! Now YOU can get your own camera! Well, let's see. A LOT is wrong with this outfit. Let's start with the SKIN: Why pink? Now, the HAIR: Why puke green? And THE SHIRT: Oh wow, you match your skin somewhat. THE SKIRT: Purple? Random. & THE SHARK FIN: Okay, what? You know what I'm gonna call this don't? PINK SHARK VOMIT-HAIR! :O Haha, well I think I've said enough : Just, don't do this getup. Kay, bye!

Dream Outfit No. 2: Watermelon Sorbet :D

Another one of my Dream Outfits This is based off of a Marc Jacobs design. The scard is supposed to be Pink & Orange checkered. The suspenders were supposed to be pink at first, but I made a mistake and said "What the hey! I'll make it orange :)"
Model: Silly Goose
Color Scheme: Pink & Orange
What I Designed: Earrings, hair, dress, suspenders, scarf, everything (:
Imitate This Outfit: First: Pink Skirt (Can be found anywhere.) Second: The Earrings (Can be found at Spy Island, copy the customer at B.A.D. Bistro.) Third: Suspenders (Can be found anywhere.) Last But Not Least: The Scarf (Can be found on Nabooti Island, copy the Pilot.)
& There you have it! 

Style Verdict: WOWP Outfit

You may have seen the advertisement for Wizards of Waverly Place & Phineas & Ferb. Once you enter the Ad building, you can wear Alex's (From WOWP) Outfit & Phineas' Outfit. Today, I'll judge on weather Alex's Outfit is up to snuff. In the end, I'll rate it on a 5 star scale. Now, Let's see... The outfit is VERY accurate & creative. The layers are oh so fashionable. The colors are vibrant and... fruity! They remind me of nice, cool, citrus colors. The wand is very awesome (: & I love how it sparkles to give you that sense of childhood & fantasy! It makes you feel like a real wizard, haha. But, the Purple Headband is uncalled for and doesn't not match. Now, If the Headband was the same color as the undershirt, then the outfit would be 5 stars, but for now...
Verdict: 4 stars (:

What To Wear: Purple & Stripes

Who knew, PURPLE & STRIPES go good together? I love how the belt compliments the Purple Striped Backpack! Purple is a dark color that looks nice with minimal colors like Black, White, & Gray (Grey).
Model: Icy Shark
Color Scheme: Purple, Black, White
The Look: First: Hair & Shirt (Can be found in Super Power Island, from Copycat.) Second: Purple Pants (Can be found in Shark Tooth Island, in the Temple, & no, it's not the same as the pair of Purple Spandex at Super Power Island.) Third: Purple Striped Backpack (Can be found anywhere.) 

Dream Outfit No. 1: Sky Chic (:

Ah, yes. This is my own personal Dream Outfit that I WISH I had *sighh* Am I rebel, or what? Here: I'm chewing some bubble gum! (You can get some from Big Nate Island, but you might find yourself in detention for gum chewing >:]) 
Model: Cuddly Bee. 
What I Designed: Earrings, leggings, shirt, cap, & hair. 
Imitate this Outfit: First: Bangs (Can be found anywhere.) Second: Sky Blue Music Note Shirt (Can be found anywhere.) Third: White Vest (Can be found anywhere.) Fourth: Dark Blue Paperboy Cap (Can be found in Time Tangled Island, in Thomas Edison's Time Period.) Fifth: White Skirt w/ Black Leggings (Can be found anywhere.) Last But Not Least: BUBBLE GUM! (Can be found in Big Nate Island, in the Klassic Komix) Postscript: Sorry, there's no way to get the earrings unless you want a Jailbird Purple Pair (Copy Copycat in Super Power Island) or an Elegant White Pair (Copy the customer at B.A.D. Bistro.) & There you have it ! TA - DA! (: 


Thanks for clicking this clickerr :) My name is Cuddly Bee. You may have seen me throughout Poptropica [ or not ]. Check back on on this blog to get the latest Poptropica trends! Occasionally, I create Dream Outfits! They're outfits that aren't available in Poptropica, because I make them on Adobe Photoshop CS2. & who knows, maybe one of the Poptropica Creators will come across this blog and maybee make my Dream Outfits a reality (: Check back soon, lovelys !