Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dream Outfit No. 3: Strictly Business :|

Just an outfit that I came up with a while back (: I just love Paperboy Caps ^-^ Lala.  The heart on the side was completely random. The tie is misshapen but whateverr. Okae, so here's the infoo :]
Model: Cuddly Bee
Color Scheme: Maroon & Black & Gray & Yeahh ^-^
What I Designed: Everything (:
Imitate The Outfit: First: The Paperboy Cap (Can be found in Time Tangled Island, in Thomas Edison's time.) Second: White Shirt & Tie (Can be found anywhere. THere are many variations of the tie, so find one you like.) Third: Black Pants (Can be found anywhere.) Doo - doo - done!

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