Saturday, February 14, 2009

What NOT To Wear: Pink Shark Vomit-Hair!

Hey y'all! I had one of my models, Calm Moon, dress casually & take a picture of the most un-fashionable person she could find! Of course, this persons identity is kept a secret so they won't be embarrassed (Hey, everyone has an un-fashionable day sometimes.) Now, we'll start off with a message from Calm Moon: "Hey guys! Calm Moon here! When I got the assignment to dress casual and photograph the worst dressed, I was stoked! The first place I went was off to Shark Tooth Island, which is where I got my camera from a nice lady at the Tourism Center! Now back to Cuddly Bee with "What NOT To Wear"!" Hey! Thanks Calm Moon! Now YOU can get your own camera! Well, let's see. A LOT is wrong with this outfit. Let's start with the SKIN: Why pink? Now, the HAIR: Why puke green? And THE SHIRT: Oh wow, you match your skin somewhat. THE SKIRT: Purple? Random. & THE SHARK FIN: Okay, what? You know what I'm gonna call this don't? PINK SHARK VOMIT-HAIR! :O Haha, well I think I've said enough : Just, don't do this getup. Kay, bye!

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