Saturday, February 21, 2009

History Fashion Lesson: 1700's

Ah, the 1700's, the time where Mozart, classical music, and petticoats were all the rage. Today's lesson will teach you all about what to wear - way back when! 
Men: The males of 1700 would wear long petticoats, the vest would open up more, to show ruffles, laces & jewels. They would dress elaborate & elegant. Their shoes would be black loafers w/ a belt buckle. Men would also sport those powdered wigs you see on all of the ol' composers ;D
Women: The femmies wouldn't want to be out shined by men, so they wore BIG! Literally, big dresses, big hair, BIG! They would wear "pannier gowns", those dresses that touched the floor and poofed up real BIG! Sound uncomfortable? Wait until you hear about how they wore "corsets". Corsets went under their dresses to make them arch the back. Back them style mattered much more than being "comfortable" The hairstyles were uncomfortable as well. These 1700 damsels would wear feathers, pearls, sequins, and more on their hair! Like many girls in this century, they wore plenty of makeup, perfume, jewelry & high heels. 
In Poptropica: The ONLY way you could find 1700's clothing in Poptropica is, well, if you time travel there! Go to Time Tangled and travel to 1776, and while your there, learn a little about the Declaration!
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