Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dream Outfit No. 2: Watermelon Sorbet :D

Another one of my Dream Outfits This is based off of a Marc Jacobs design. The scard is supposed to be Pink & Orange checkered. The suspenders were supposed to be pink at first, but I made a mistake and said "What the hey! I'll make it orange :)"
Model: Silly Goose
Color Scheme: Pink & Orange
What I Designed: Earrings, hair, dress, suspenders, scarf, everything (:
Imitate This Outfit: First: Pink Skirt (Can be found anywhere.) Second: The Earrings (Can be found at Spy Island, copy the customer at B.A.D. Bistro.) Third: Suspenders (Can be found anywhere.) Last But Not Least: The Scarf (Can be found on Nabooti Island, copy the Pilot.)
& There you have it! 

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